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After taking a year of evenings and weekends to write my autobiography “The Mechanic who got Lucky” I didn’t know how it would be received by the readers but judging by the reception it has had, it looks like I got lucky again!

Here’s a selection from the letters and E mails I have received. They have left me amazed and a little humbled.

A great yarn, I absolutely loved it!

Rupert Paul, Editor MCN Sport.

Stans’ self-published book is an absolute corker. He has an uncanny ability to recall all the anecdotes and stories and to put them into short chapters. I just loved enjoying the ride through his life.

John Hogan, Editor Superbike Magazine.

It rips into top gear and never slows down. The Stephens’ sense of humour permeates the book, once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.

Brian Crichton, Editor, British Dealer News.

The book is full of racing anecdotes. What shines through is an enthusiasm and a determination to make things happen.

Wemoto News.

An unusal and charming read. It’s honest and endearing because Stan recounts his extraordinary life in a very matter-of-fact way without exaggerating his adventures. The book is unique and a must for any race fan.

Motorcycle Racer Magazine.

I am a collector of autobiographies. I have over 300 on people from all walks of life. I can honestly say your book “The Mechanic who got Lucky” is the best autobiography I have ever read!!

Paul Hood, reader.

I read your book from cover to cover, only the second time I have ever done that. What a brilliant job you did with writing it, I was hooked on it! I feel that I know you now.

Kevin, Kingston Motorcycles.

Your book has just arrived, I can’t put it down. Stan your book is great, anyone reading it will love it.

John Birch, reader.

Thankyou for writing such a nice book, I keep reading it again and again.

Tomislav, Croatia.

Your book is truly great because apart from the bikes it’s about people and you articulated really well and honestly about the characters that have been part of your life.

Guy Redshaw, Switzerland.

Thakyou for an excellent read, not just for the bikes and racing. It is a really great story about life, family, business and relationships.

David Thorne, reader.

Your book as well as being about your business and bikes it was also as much about the ups and downs of life. An absolutely brilliant read.

Richard Winn, reader.

I am not an avid book reader but your book is fantastic! It took me back to the heady days of LC Racing. You gave us so much entertainment and enjoyment, I want to thankyou. It is an important part of nostalgic history and you were the very essence of that era. True Legend to us.

Paul Cartledge, reader.

Firstly congratulations and many thanks for telling “Your Story” and lots of other stories too!

I read your book in amazement as each page I turned seemed to head off into a different sport. You’ve certainly covered some ground in your life and seen more than I can possibly imagine of heartache and pain. Shining through it all is a family who are clearly grounded in a hard work and straight-dealing ethic and determination to succeed in anything entered into.

Nick Jeffery, Ex Suzuki GB and Ex Kawasaki UK.